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Mr. Fertile Lawn Care is Prince Georges Counties ONLY* Black-owned and locally owned, licensed lawn care provider, weed control, and fertilizer provider.

Licensed by Maryland Department of Agriculture, we provide residential and commercial fertilization, weed control, mosquito control, tree & shrub care, flea & tick, and perimeter pest control.

Located on Prince Georges County Maryland, Mr. Fertile Lawn Care was born out of a dream to grow up and be able to be outside often. Clean air, clean water, very little bugs and big smiles was always the goal. Weeds in the lawn can flare up allergies and asthma, leaving many kids only able to enjoy outside through a window and adults unhappy with how the outside of the home does not match the inside. As a homeowner you want the outside of your home to make you smile when you pull up and be as enjoyable as possible when your family wants to relax and enjoy it. Mr. Fertile keeps those things and more in mind when caring for your lawn throughout the year. Always remember two things, 1) the grass smells different when it’s weed free, and 2) the GREEN shines different when the lawn is fertile!

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